On March 9th @ 6:30pm we will hold our March Acadiana Software Group meeting! Our very own committee member Chris Parich will give us insight into a newer version of a language that is still heavily used today. C++ is used in several sectors and is typically used for high performance applications like games and banking, and embedded applications like mobile and low-power devices, etcetera. Chris will dig down deep into the new techniques and capabilities of the latest version of C++. He will show us how to use some of these newer additions to write more pleasant and more performant code using the latest language version: C++14. If you are like me and haven’t used C++ in a while, but have always been curious where things are now, this will be a very enlightening presentation.


Modern C++ C++ is an old language. But despite its age, it continues to learn new techniques and paradigms. In 2007, the C++ standards committee started working on a new revision to the C++ language. There were so many additions and optimizations that it took until 2011 to finally release. Of the many additions, I’ll show you those changes most important to code style, and discuss new capabilities in the language that make writing much more pleasant than in the past.


Chris Parich is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient. He’s been professionally employed in the IT sector since 2007, working in numerous industries and technologies.

Secondary Presentation

Cajun Code Fest - Tutorial & QA


Dr. Chu runs the CBIT, NIMSAT, and CVDI, three of UL’s most advanced computer science applied research centers that work in the areas of healthcare, emergency response, and big data analytics & visualization, respectively. This year he’s changing the format of Cajun Codefest from a 36-hour code sprint to a 6-month challenge. The current theme is building software solutions to help improve the state of Diabetes. But he’s also hoping to introduce the local developer community to a new open source initiative coming out of Harvard called Smart on FHIR that’s working to improve access to and interoperability with data that’s currently trapped in electronic medical records.

Schedule Itinerary:

  • Social - 30 minutes - 6:30 PM
  • ASG Primary Presentation: Modern C++ - 45 minutes - 7:00 PM
  • Brief Break - 5 minutes - 7:45 PM
  • ASG Secondary Presentation: Cajun Code Fest - Tutorial & QA - 15 minutes - 7:50 PM
  • Additional News, Social, and cleanup - 15 minutes - 8:05 PM
  • Offsite Social, Drinks, etc. - 1 hour - 8:20 PM

Meeting Sponsor

Perficient will sponsor our event with snacks and beverages. They are also offering door prizes that will be drawn at random. Please be sure to show up to win some cool swag!


Place: LITE Center Street: 537 Cajundome Blvd., Suite 101 City: Lafayette State: LA Zip: 70506

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The Acadiana Software Group is founded on the premise of providing a Community for the Software minded individuals of the surrounding Acadiana area. Our mission as a group is to facilitate education, knowledge exchange, and community among those who use Software as a profession or hobby. We hope to define this group by the needs of the community and its continual evolution, just as software itself has continued to evolve. We will provide informative presentations, education, and ideas that would enrich and enhance our minds, professions, and hobbies. We intend to bring up important topics and issues that are relative to us as a community. Our end goal is to put you as the center of the group. Ultimately with each person forming the group, we hope to bring a unique culture and a wealth of experience for anyone in the group to utilize.

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