On April 13th @ 6:30pm we will hold our April Acadiana Software Group meeting! Our community member John Ezekiel will give us insight into the popular language of the web PHP. In it he will discuss the reasoning on why it is such a black sheep in web development community. He will deep dive into the benefits it provides for us and to help us better understand its merits and functionality it can provide today and tomorrow. Please join our April meeting during this wonderfully confusing Louisiana spring season.


Justifying the Means with PHP 7 John Ezekiel will go in depth on the language of PHP, explaining the reason why the language is a black sheep within the development community. However, he will also explain the benefits of using such language, hoping to change perspectives as he attempts to reconcile the infectious presence of PHP on the web with it’s shortcomings as a language.


John Ezekiel is a Software Engineer at Potenza Interactive. He has over 5 years of professional PHP development experience, and has built several enterprise applications across multiple employers.

Schedule Itinerary:

  • Social - 30 minutes - 6:30 PM
  • ASG Primary Presentation: PHP - 45 minutes - 7:00 PM
  • Additional News, Social, and cleanup - 15 minutes - 7:45 PM
  • Offsite Social, Drinks, etc. - 1 hour - 8:00 PM

Meeting Sponsor

Potenza, Inc. will sponsor our event with snacks and beverages.


Place: LITE Center Street: 537 Cajundome Blvd., Suite 101 City: Lafayette State: LA Zip: 70506

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The Acadiana Software Group is founded on the premise of providing a Community for the Software minded individuals of the surrounding Acadiana area. Our mission as a group is to facilitate education, knowledge exchange, and community among those who use Software as a profession or hobby. We hope to define this group by the needs of the community and its continual evolution, just as software itself has continued to evolve. We will provide informative presentations, education, and ideas that would enrich and enhance our minds, professions, and hobbies. We intend to bring up important topics and issues that are relative to us as a community. Our end goal is to put you as the center of the group. Ultimately with each person forming the group, we hope to bring a unique culture and a wealth of experience for anyone in the group to utilize.

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